Shareasale for merchants: how to increase sales and visibility of your store

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Disclaimer: attention, this article contains affiliate links, so for every click or sale I will be credited with a percentage of profit from the companies advertised. For you nothing changes, for any doubts or clarifications I invite you to read the legislation on cookies, enjoy your reading.

Hi guys, today I’m going back to talk about a better platform for affiliate marketing and that is giving me the first satisfactions: Shareasale.
In one of my most recent articles of the I had already talked about this platform and the way in which thanks to it we can monetize our blog just like affiliates.
Today I want to resume the topic focusing on another aspect: join the platform as “merchants” or as shopkeepers and increase the visibility of your store, and why not even sales.

It is useless to tell you that this article is therefore aimed at all those who own a brand or a shop (physical or online) and would like to let people know their brand and sell their products or services all over the world. So if you also have a fashion brand, accessories, or simply have your own courses about electronics (or other) to sell, you’re in the right place.

So let’s start with the information. I report the main information from the Shareasale website.

  • What are the benefits of registering as a merchant in Shareasale?

The advantages are there and should not be underestimated. Meanwhile, once registered, you have a kit of widgets, banners and many other tools necessary to sponsor your brand that will be used by affiliates (or bloggers) who adhere to your program and then start to sponsor your store on their sites web or in their social channels.

Secondly, if your decision is to register, you will have a team that will suggest the best sales strategies and will assist you step by step to the success of your goal on the platform.

  • Are there any requirements for registration as a platform merchant?

Shareasale, is an American platform. As reported by the platform itself, the only simple requirements are to own a brand or a shop (physical / online), a website of your store that also has the option of English, a good knowledge of English and a initial investment to open your store on Shareasale.

Owning a brand or own store, in what sense?

For example, have you created a line of jewelry that you make and bears your name? So if you want to make your brand known, Shareasale is for you.
Do you like designing themes for bloggers on different platforms or do you have a line of household products? So, for you too, Shareasale can be fine.
When I write that the requirement is to own a brand, I mean just that. To have a personal style so that it can be the main store in the platform, therefore as a consequence it is not allowed to already known brand dealers.

  • Is the subscription to the platform as a merchant free?

Yes, the inscription itself is free. But in order to start a store on Shareasale and get in touch with affiliates who will sponsor you, the platform requires an initial investment ($ 650) to all merchants who wish to register:

> ATTENTION: however: the initial investment is required by the platform itself, and not by us bloggers / affiliates that we advertise companies. Shareasale also credits us with a percentage of the products we help sell or sponsor, but your initial investment does not go directly to us but to Shareasale itself. As a result, our role as an affiliate is simply to make your store known on our websites, so we are not responsible for lost sales.

Subsequently, a part of your commissions will go to all the affiliates who decide to join your program and to sponsor you. In any case, I advise you to read carefully the terms of acceptance of Shareasale, present in the Merchants section.

  • What happens once I decide to register as a merchant?

Once you sign up, Shareasale will analyze the store website you provided during registration and verify that your store is real, reliable and reliable.
Once you have verified the website, Shareasale will tell you if you are eligible or not for the affiliate program. If their answer is positive, you are officially registered on the platform and you can start organizing your promotion program, which in short, takes place as follows:
every merchant is a “program” to which every affiliate / blogger can join to advertise. In any case, all decisions are up to you, you do not have to do anything you do not want: you can decide which and how many affiliates are better suited to advertising your store.
The categories in which your store could be included are many: from home, to accessories, through school and electronics. In short, many sellers around the world are on the platform and there is really no choice. If you want to take a look at the categories of the platform before registering, click here.
That’s all, I hope I have clarified some of your doubts about the platform. Obviously, it is a serious and reliable platform, and therefore no fakes. If you browse the web for additional clarification, you can see the positive reviews of users on this affiliate marketing platform.
To subscribe to the platform, click on the banner below:

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