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Hi guys, here I am again! Today I’m going to tell you about another website that could be very useful to you and that I’m literally loving in the last few months: Animoto.

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As you have already understood from my latest articles, I love photography and everything that belongs to this wonderful art. I love telling stories through photography and I love designing videos that tell about my photographic mission.
In recent months I have discovered a website that allows you to put together in a simple and professional way all that I love to do: Animoto. Do you know the software available for your PC, where once downloaded, allow you to create video montages? Here, Animoto is a slightly different service, and that’s what makes it exceptional. But let’s see what exactly is Animoto.

What is Animoto?

Animoto is a website, based in New York, which deals with video editing. It is a “cloud-based” service, that is, available and exclusively on the web, where it is not possible to download a version on your PC but can only be used by registering on the website (no problem, the website also has a trial period free).
Once registered, you can choose the subscription that best suits your needs: monthly or yearly. But we see, roughly, the details of both subscriptions. Annual plan:
1. Personal – € 9.99 per month. It includes many advantages, including a music library available with over 350 soundtracks to use.
2. Professional – at € 19.99 a month, it is definitely the most used plan. Also here, many advantages available, including the ability to make their own videos in HD 1080p.
3. Business – € 39.99 per month. A 30-minute consultation with an industry expert is also available here.
– These are just some of the advantages included in the various annual passes. I advise you to read them all here.Monthly Plan:1. Personal – € 19.99 per month. Here, the ability to make their own videos with a standard quality of 720p.
2. Professional – € 34.99 per month. Even with a monthly pass, this is the most used plan. Among the advantages, also the wide choice of colors that can be used in your videos.
3. Business – € 59.99 per month. It is the most complete plan, with over 50 types of storyboards available for editing your videos.
– These are just some of the advantages included in the various annual passes. I advise you to read them all here.
Credits: Animoto, Youtube.

Have you ever used Animoto?

Sure! I used Animoto to create my first welcome video on youtube and I was really satisfied with the result.
If you do not believe it, here is my video:

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Big benefits with Animoto, right?

Animoto is also suitable for all those who are not professionals in the field and who want to use the website to create video montages with photos of their holidays?

Absolutely yes. Animoto is a service suitable for every type of customer, whether amateur or professional photo and it can be used also with Lightroom. Did you know that Animoto is also used by BBC and The New York Times?
If you too have a large amount of photos on your computer that you want to show your friends through an exciting video, Animoto is the right choice for you because its purpose is to put the beauty of photography in prominence, photography is intended as an art, and for this reason it deserves to be the main subject of your videos.
For today it’s everything, I hope I have convinced you. I can not wait to see your masterpieces! I also remind you that you can follow all the updates on my blog, through the newsletter.



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