How to create videos for facebook, instagram and more

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Welcome back friends, today I’m going back to talk about one of the services that I love most in the world: Animoto.
If you remember well, a short time ago I told you about the possibility of making simple and wonderful videos with your photos thanks to Animoto. I made the opening video of my blog thanks to this wonderful website.

Today I’m still talking about this website because there are some great news: the New Social-friendly Storyboards!
In fact, Animoto has introduced three new marketing storyboards targeted for all those who want to create videos to share on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.
The best thing about Animoto, and in particular of these three new storyboards is the variety of styles and graphics: sharp cuts and stylish text effects designed for story-heavy, viral-style content.

But how can I create videos with Animoto?

Creating videos with Animoto is very simple and fast. Just go to the website and sign up for a subscription, based on your needs. (rest assured, you also have a trial period before deciding whether to continue or not)

But the good news did not end here!

On the occasion of the release of these three new storyboards, Animoto offers the 15% off discount all plans using the code LASTCHANCEBRANDCAMP15 until the 10/5/18.

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So, what are you waiting for to create wonderful videos to share in your social channels?
Animoto is waiting for you.



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