How I tripled the speed (and visits) of my blog

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The choice to create a blog often involves numerous doubts.
I’ll tell you how I tripled the speed of my blog pages.


“I would like to create a blog!”. This was my first sentence when, exactly a year ago, I decided to create my first blog.

I had no idea how to start one, nor how to manage and organize it.

The only idea, then, was to want to expose my shots in a sort of “virtual photo portfolio” and to give a sort of continuity to my shots, putting them at the service of my readers through small tips and tutorials.

But I did not know what was the first step to realize those few (and confusing) ideas and above all how I could create and manage a blog by myself even though I did not have the specific skills needed to do all of this.

Why, let’s be clear: the idea of ​​creating your own website or blog alone may seem impossible and therefore here is the first exclamation, quite understandable, that each of us could have: “But I do not have a degree in computer science, as I can create a blog by itself! “

But soon I would have realized that I would not have been alone and could have been able to realize my ideas by creating my blog in less than an hour. Yes, you read that right: in less than an hour, the first result (and we are still at the beginning) that would have given me the confirmation of how much that choice was right.

So much confusion and then here, the moment I was waiting!

I have to thank SiteGround for this! The right support at the right time. After reading so many reviews about it, I chose this service. Right now, while you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering what SiteGround is. Precisely for this reason, I’ll explain it right away!

Siteground is a leading provider of web hosting services. It, in fact, has the task of “hosting” your website on its platform .. which, is necessarily the first step to take to start your blog (or website).

Based on my personal experience and after a few years since the birth of my blog, I sincerely recommend SiteGround, as I consider it the best hosting service to start your website (if you want to create one) or to change the your website, (if you decide to host your website from SiteGround). I write you immediately what changed when I decided to choose SiteGround.

Shortly thereafter, the breakthrough on my website. The advantages of choosing SiteGround.

The first thing I noticed in my blog after choosing this service: speed.

And with the term speed I mean the loading speed of the pages of my website: the loading time of my website is measured in a few seconds. This is a great advantage for all those who have the intention to start a website or blog, because, as you know, Google tends to reward the fastest websites by placing them in the first pages of research, this is a point in favor for the SEO of your website, therefore:

Higher speed = more chances to find your website in the first few pages to search for a certain topic = more visits to your blog.

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Here are some other features of SiteGround:
– Priority support – even if we have an incredible response time for each channel – Live Chat, Ticket and Phone, the clients of the GrowBig and GoGeek plans are managed with priority; which can be something important especially for novice users.
– Opportunity to host multiple websites – while on the StartUp plan the user can host only one website, the GrowBig and GoGeek plans allow the user to host more than one website with the same hosting account.
– Tool Supercacher – as I just anticipated, this is a tool developed internally by SiteGround that is able to speed up the website several times and also optimizes SEO and Google ranking; it consists of three levels, while all at once are only available on higher hosting plans.
– Free backup service – which is a paid option with the StartUp plan.

Another super advantage that I want to emphasize is the efficiency of assistance: any plan you choose for your blog, you will have assistance 24h on 24. You will have at your disposal a competent team that will clarify all your doubts and help you to start your blog, assistance is obviously also available in English.

How do I know which plan fits me best?

On Siteground you can choose between three different hosting plans. You can buy the one that best suits your needs, I’ll give you a brief summary that indicates the difference between the three plans:

  • The StartUp plan is ideal for people who are creating a website. It is suitable for 10,000 monthly visitors.
  • The Grow Big plan is a nice money saving and is suitable for all those who have already started a website with a good number of monthly visits. -It includes the ability to host multiple sites and use SuperCacher, greatly improving the speed of WordPress and Joomla. It is suitable for 25,000 monthly visitors.
  • The GoGeek plan is perfect for people with e-commerce and big sites, or for geeky developers needing GIT staging and integration. It is suitable for 100,000 monthly visitors.
    All plans include domain registration. And here you are, the specific prices of the three plans: (*The prices in pictures are expressed in Euro, but you find them also in dollars on website, no problem!)



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