Affiliate marketing companies: how to earn simply inviting bloggers

Affiliate marketing companies: how to earn simply inviting bloggers

Here is my list of the best Shareasale refereal programs for bloggers and affiliates.
Start earning extra money simply by inviting your friends.

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Affiliate marketing companies: how to earn simply inviting bloggers

Hello guys! I’m going back to talk about a topic that is very close to my heart and about affiliate marketing: Shareasale. The previous articles (after the creation of a blog) concerned two aspects of the Shareasale platform:

Now I go back to talk about the platform Shareasale focusing on another aspect that could affect all those who own a blog (or website) and are already registered to the platform as affiliates: invite friends to join new programs to sponsor and earn already doing only this.
But is it possible to already earn a percentage exclusively by inviting friends? Yes, it is possible also for affiliate marketing for beginners. Some merchants (or shoppers) in fact include in their sponsorship programs a bonus, reserved for their affiliates who will in turn bring new affiliates to sponsor the brand.

Example: A adheres to a sponsorship program and invites B (through the invitation links called “refereal links”) to take part in that program to sponsor that company in turn. Shareasale analyzes the profile of B and if it considers it suitable to promote that particular company will start to sponsor their products. In all this A will receive a bonus in dollars because it has brought new affiliates to join that program.

Below, I report some affiliate marketing companies (and the bonus expressed in dollars) of Shareasale to which I have joined, which offer a bonus for each new affiliate. For those who use the platform and want to join one of the following programs, you can click on the name of the program. It is possible to join more than one sponsorship program, depending on what you would like to advertise. So, sign in to Shareasale and start to promote them.

In case you decide to join the programs through my links, you would really make me very happy.


BEST SHAREASALE REFEREAL PROGRAMS – Here are my programs for affiliates:

(* I remind you that my list is constantly updated, so you can find here all the news, or subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date).



(*) FTC Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I was compensated for this post. I joined all the sponsorship programs, including Tailwind, so I really recommend them. For you nothing changes, for any doubts or clarifications I invite you to read our Privacy & Cookie Policy, enjoy your reading.

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