Bio on Instagram: how to customize it with
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Bio on Instagram: how to customize it with

Bio on Instagram: how to customize it with Start to customize your instagram bio with this free tool.

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How important is it to manage your social media channels in an orderly way?
It doesn’t matter that your instagram profile is used for business or personal or amateur use, in my opinion the most important aspects for creating and managing a good social channel are:
– Clarity
– Consistency
– Consistency
– Organization
– Programming

Precisely for this reason, in my blog I often speak of a tool which, in my opinion, encompasses all the aspects listed above for the management of one’s social profiles, and in particular of one’s own instagram profiles: Tailwind.
Tailwind is a tool that allows you to view all the people who have a profile on Instagram and / or Pinterest to set up their posts, check the most effective times at which to post and check the results of the best performing posts on their social profiles. All this, of course, helps you to manage your profiles in such a way that you save time and get better results in a short time, in a nutshell Tailwind helps you to automate your instagram profile.
Specifically, I talked about this service to explain you:
how to schedule your instagram posts;
how to find (quickly) the hashtags suitable for you on instagram;
how to organize your e-commerce store with Tailwind.

Today add an additional Tailwind element, useful for managing your instagram profile: the ability to add a series of links in your bio.
All this is possible thanks to, a completely free tool that allows you to highlight the most important news of your instagram profile, so that your followers use to visualize them before any other secondary information.

Great tool, isn’t it? I recommend using Tailwind’s if:
– You have a business profile that you use as a showcase for your business or you are an influencer;
– You have a blog and use your instagram profile to increase the visit of your articles;
– You have an instagram profile where you want to highlight only certain information.

These are just some of the hypotheses I suggest you consider to start using If your instagram profile falls into at least one of the macro categories described above, then continue reading the article, I’ll explain how to use this tool and tell you about my personal experience with

How can I use for my Instagram profile?

First, if you haven’t done so already, register your Tailwind registration and then link your Instagram profile to Tailwind.
Tailwind explains very well how to connect to your instagram profile, for this reason I recommend reading the following three tutorials:
How to add your URL to Instagram 
How to set button connections on
How to add post links on

My personal experience with

If I had to take stock, my personal experience with is undoubtedly positive.
In my main Instagram profile, I decided to set up my highlighting the most important aspects of my blog:
– my free ebook on how to create a blog;
– my presets;
– my printables;
– my last most important post.

Furthermore, I proceeded to customize my with the main color of my logos, so I really personalized it, what a thrill!

Below, I report a short video of my youtube channel where I summarize

And you? Have you already customized your biography on Instagram? Start now from here, it’s free!

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