Find out how to make visitors complete the purchase of a product in your shop: 6 tips for you!

Find out how to make visitors complete the purchase of a product in your shop: 6 tips for you!

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You have created a beautiful online shop on your website, sacrificing part of your time and the result is truly amazing: an online store of your own!

Often users who visit your online shop, love a product in your shop and add it to your website’s cart to continue shopping on your site, but then forget to complete the purchase process.
Therefore, in the end they do not buy the product.
This failure to complete the purchase, in the marketing language, is called “Cart Abandonment

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Why does the Cart Abandonment happen?
The reasons are often very simple.
Users browsing your website are also intrigued by other products or items, so they add the product they are interested in to the cart and then at the end of the navigation they forget to finish the purchase process.
Or, quite simply, at the end of the navigation, they prefer not to buy the product, as they have had an afterthought.
I suggest small and simple steps to prevent users from leaving your website without ending the purchase process.

  1. Choose WordPress and WooCommerce to create your website.
    It seems obvious to write, but WordPress is one of the best platforms for creating websites. Do you remember? I mentioned it a while ago, when I published my guide on creating a new website.
    WordPress offers numerous features, including the possibility of introducing a section entirely dedicated to shopping within its website.
    All this is possible thanks to WooCommerce, an additional and free WordPress plugin that allows you to configure your online store based on your needs.
  2. Give significant space to the Shopping section of your website.
    Yes, now you will surely think that this is a useless advice. Obviously the Shopping section of my website is present!
    My advice is to give proper importance to the cart icon, placing it in the foreground on your website so that it is clearly visible to users who visit your website.
  3. Give free rein to your creativity.
    The graphics of your website play a fundamental role in this regard.
    Maybe, choosing a color palette different from the rest of your website can help you highlight the shopping cart and the Shopping section of your website.
  4. Give your Shop a “minimal” look.
    Yes, you understood correctly. When setting up your online store, try to put only the essential options to the user for the success of your purchase.
    For example, you can give proper weight to the “Proceed to purchase” and “Go to cart” sections.
    In this way, the user will be directed directly to the final page and will be able to complete his purchase.
  5. Use the WordPress essential plugins.
    Plugins and popups are those little “additional help” essential for the success of your online store.
    For example, enter the “Pay with PayPal” plugin to allow users to pay quickly with PayPal without having to enter additional sensitive data.
    Another useful plugin for your online shop is surely “Recover Abandoned Cart” it is a plugin that allows you to understand how many users have left your website without completing the purchase procedure.
    Furthermore, OptinMonster (it is not a plugin) can help you prevent the failed completion of your website purchase.
  6. Offer assistance.
    It is important that all users who decide to buy a product on your website are supported by the website owner.
    Write in the description of the products you sell that in case of problems during the purchase, users can contact you via email for any doubts or clarifications. In this way, users will see the professionalism and reliability of your website.
    Also invite them to subscribe to your newsletter, which is also present in my blog: in this way, users can stay up to date on your website’s news and the latest products in your shop.

And how did you set up your shop? I await your comments in the comments.



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