Freebies: My free Lightroom Presets (DNG & LRT)

Freebies: My free Lightroom Presets (DNG & LRT)

I already told you about my facebook group dedicated to bloggers where, periodically, I provide free resources and freebies for everyone.

Requirements: Adobe Lightroom MOBILE VERSION
The presets, however, can be downloaded for free only by members of my Facebook group.

But it is not said that you cannot download them too! Simply sign up for the Facebook group to receive my free presets! You can do it immediately from here:

Download now my free preset on Facebook



If you don’t know how to install it, no problem … I’ll help you! I have provided a short tutorial here that explains how to install the preset on Adobe Lightroom Mobile:


Free preset: Pink SweetHeart

And not only that, why settle for just one preset when I can have so many or make them myself?

I thought of that too! In addition to an entire section in my shop dedicated to presets for Lightroom photos, I put my guide at your lowest price “The step by step guide: how to create the perfect adobe lightroom mobile airy presets for your social media style ”in which I explain, step by step, how to make three of my presets (also present in my collection) with an airy and contemporary look directly on your smartphone.

As I have already told you, however, all these resources are available in my blog and in my facebook group only for a limited time, so if you are interested, run to download them immediately!

I would also like to see the result of my presets in your photos.

My facebook group is open to bloggers, photographers and anyone who wants to learn how to edit photos with a few simple clicks. So, if you want to sign up, download free periodic freebies and publish the shots where you used presets, you’re welcome!

Share this page on social media, invite your bloggers friends and you’ll have more chances to win special giveaways too!


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