Do not let visitors leave your blog, how to build an email list

Do not let visitors leave your blog, how to build an email list

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Do not let visitors leave your blog, build an email list now.

It’s easy and cheap, just choose the plan that best suits your needs.

With OptinMonster create an email list it's very easy.

Try it now. It’s important to have an email list in every blog.

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But let's proceed with order. What is OptinMonster and what is it for?

OptinMonster is an email building list tool. In fact, thanks to its countless features, this tool allows you to collect the emails of visitors to your website or blog, so as to update all visitors in real time about the news of your blog. Very important thing for those who own a blog. And you, have you already created your list? The service offers different plans suitable for every need.
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About the pricing


9 $/mo (billed yearly) - "An entry tool for those just starting out".


19 $ /mo (billed yearly) - "Great for growing businesses who want to do more".


29 $/mo (billed yearly) - "Everything you need to get huge results fast".

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