How to create a blog on wordpress: my free step by step guide for beginners
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How to create a blog on wordpress: my free step by step guide for beginners

Here I am, in many weeks you have asked me for clarifications on the subject of today, so I go back to writing (with many other additional information) on blog for beginners.
Here is my free step by step guide for you: I will explain how to create a blog on wordpress.

| N.B: the article is constantly updated, so you can always find new additional tips. (*)
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How to create a blog on wordpress

In previous articles, referring to those who already own a blog (or a website), I talked about my choice to create a photography blog for beginners and the possibility of monetizing it thanks to the Shareasale platform.
Today, however, I appeal to all those who intend to create a blog of your own, a photographic portfolio, a fashion blog or simply a blog that talks about your passions. Whether your passion is traveling, photographing, writing or singing, it does not matter. The process for creating a blog or website is the same for everyone, so we just have to list in order, all the key steps that will lead to the birth of your blog. So, how to create a blog on wordpress?

First, I want to specify that referring to blogs or websites, I mean mainly all those sites with top level domain (eg: etc.).

  • So, let’s start with the first step?

The first step for those starting from scratch is to choose a hosting that will host your website. My choice falls on four of these blog hosting sites used all over the world, in my opinion among the most suitable and performing to create a website or blog:

1. SiteGround: one of the most reliable hosting at affordable prices (the first part from 3.95 euros per month with assistance 24 hours on 24). For more info on this hosting service click here.
BlueHost: also cheap and fast with different subscription plans (even here the first part from $ 3.95 a month). This is one of the most used worldwide hosting for the creation of blogs both in Italy and abroad.
WPEngine, an English provider and also offers three subscription plans (the first, however, starts at $ 35 a month and includes many features and services). For more info on this hosting service click here.
Weebly also super top, it also offers the possibility to create a free blog or website with second level domain or the possibility to choose between three different subscription plans (the first part from 7 euros per month) for the creation of a website with first level domain (ex: etc).
HostGator, hosting many positive reviews on the web, also offers three subscription plans (here the first part from $ 2.75 per month).

  • Second step, choose the platform.

Once you have chosen hosting, the second step is to choose the platform with which to create your blog. For example, if you create an email address with Gmail then the platform that will host it will be Google, and so on. Also here, my choice of the best platforms to create a blog, portfolio or website falls on:

1. WordPress is, perhaps, the most used platform in the world for the creation of blogs and websites. It has a very intuitive and well-organized interface and lots of themes (even free) that can be adapted to your blog.
2. Weebly is a very efficient platform for creating blogs. What I like about Weebly is the wide range of graphic themes with a professional look and the possibility of having a very good hosting plan as well as the possibility of hosting the blog on its platform.

  • Third step, choose the theme suitable for your blog.

Once you have created the blog, you just have to choose the right design for your blog, and then the theme you want to use to make your blog unique. As for the appearance of the blog, there are many websites that offer a wide range of topics, but among the most complete, reliable, cheap and used all over the world, I certainly recommend these blog sites for beginners:

1. ElegantThemes is among the best known in the world and offers many themes for every type of website or blog.
2. MyThemeShop also this site offers a wide range of themes.
3. Pretty Darn Cute Design is a very cute website, especially suited to the themes for female blogs.
4. ThemeIsle also this website offers a wide range of professional and economic themes.
I advise you to visit (or purchase your theme) in these 4 websites, they are all excellent and offer a wide range of themes for your blog.

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  • Last step, plugins and additional services.

Having a blog is definitely a great and wonderful opportunity for everyone but it is also an activity that requires a lot of time and dedication. Now the technology has gone a long way, helping bloggers to make their blogs a little “lighter”.
Precisely for this reason I would advise you of plugins and additional services that can help you to better manage your blog and automate some work.

1. DMCA for example, is a service that automatically adds a watermarker (or logo) to all the photos of your website / blog in order to protect them from theft or unwanted saves. So the copyright of your photos always remains with you. Very useful, is not it? I would say fundamental to protect your photos on the net. Take a look at the website to figure out how to add it to your website or blog. Indeed, about photos, I recommend this great software to edit your photos and add photo filters in a simple way.

2. Tailwind a true pillar of all us bloggers and admirers of social networks. It allows you to schedule our posts on Instagram and Pinterest.
I talked about it here in more detail, take a look if you like! It’s also a great service if you want to build your store on instagram, and here I’ll explain the reason! Among other things, Tailwind also has a free trial period before choosing whether to continue or not, just click on the image below and you can have your trial period. The service is excellent and reliable, otherwise I would have never reported it!

3. WooCommerce, if you want to insert a store inside your website, you will just need to install this free plugin in your WordPress website and configure it according to your needs.

Wait, it’s not over yet … very important point!

Shareasale, is a great platform to start monetizing your blog, if you want it. I have already spoken in a super depth here but I have a great news: I am attaching here the list of the best sponsorship programs of Shareasale that allow you to earn simply by inviting other friends who have a blog.

Other extra services that concern the construction of an e-mail list of people who follow your blog:

  1. WPEka Club very well known service that has all the extra features for creating e-mail lists.
  2. OptinMonster is a really good service for creating e-mail lists. It also features functions with pop-ups to increase subscriptions.

If, however, you need high quality photos for your blog, I recommend StockUnlimited and Depositphotos Inc. that allow you to purchase and download a wide range of high quality photos for commercial and editorial use.
To edit your photos and add photo filters, I recommend InPixio, which has a very simple interface to use.

For now it’s all, I hope this free guide will help you to create your blog. I remind you that the article is constantly updated, so you could always find tips and additional services.

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Thanks for now!

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