How to create simple and professional invoices for your business in just a few steps

How to create simple and professional invoices for your business in just a few steps

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How many times have you tried to find a payment receipt between your documents and not find it? It’s a problem common to many people, that’s why today I suggest you a service that explains how to create a professional invoice and how to manage it to the fullest.
Do you remember FreshBooks? Some time ago I told you about the new payment method of FreshBooks, today FreshBooks explains to us how to create invoices with a professional look in a few simple steps.
So if you have a small business, then this article is for you. But let’s start from the beginning?

What is an invoice?

FreshBooks explains to you what an invoice is and how to send or receive an invoice in a few simple steps:


Being able to create an invoice by email, using an online program or by snail mail, is easy and fast, true?

Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of if you choose to create invoices with FreshBooks:


  • Add invoice due dates
  • Customize invoice payment term
  • Easily offer discounts
  • Automatically calculate taxes
  • Preview invoices before sending
  • Choose your preferred currency
  • Instant updates when an invoice has been viewed and paid
  • Invoice from anywhere with the mobile app


Give a look also on Retainers, what are Retainers?
In short, retainers help you work more efficiently with your customers.
When you create a Retainer, you can invoice the customer a fixed amount upfront and then keep track of the time to the Retainer. And if, by the end of the same month, you have totaled more hours than the covered Retainer, you can easily bill that excess time on a one-time bill.
therefore, summarizing: extra totalized hours = recognized on an invoice.
Ok, I'm clear what it is.
So why should I use a retainer?
Among the advantages of creating a Retainer, surely you can find:
- Collect payments to the customer in advance
- Track the hours of time allocated
- Make monthly income forecasts
- Optimize billing


The advantages of creating an invoice from an app

As anticipated, it is possible to create an invoice directly from the app in an easy, safe and fast way. Among the advantages of using the app there are certainly those of having access to the app in real time and the possibility of being able to take advantage of professional templates even from the app: in this way you will be able to give a "professional look" to the invoice of the your small business. Here are some more details:


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