The 5 minute Journal: personal growth printable [English]

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The 5 minute Journal: personal growth printable [English]

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The lifestyle of modern society is undoubtedly among the most frenetic. If we were to find an appropriate metaphor that you represent, we could say without a shadow of a doubt, that we humans tend to be “athletes”.

We always run towards goals dear to us, we run quickly towards daily appointments to which we fear not to arrive on time, and often, while we are on the move, we feel the effort of our race. Effort that prevents us from living our small special moments to the full, which prevents us from feeling our breath, an effort that prevents us from giving the right value to the small daily things we take for granted.

Who does not have 5 minutes in their day?

Take only five minutes of your time. No matter the time of day (or the phase of your life) when you decide to cut out a small space just for yourself, 5 minutes are enough to get in touch with your breathing and with the small gestures that can make you see your days from another point of view.

Whatever you are doing, set it aside for 5 minutes and start writing.

My website (and shop) contains several useful printables for different purposes. I created this file to print with the sole purpose of being able to group your thoughts here.

What is The 5 minute Journal?

The 5 minute Journal is a personal growth planner (printable PDF file), it is a kind of personal diary that can be filled in a few minutes: 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening are enough to record your thoughts on it.
The following diary includes:
– Daily goals
– Daily reasons to be grateful for
– Things you would like to do during the day
– Daily obstacles exceeded
– Beautiful things happened during the day
– How could the day be improved.

Keep track of your thoughts and your progress, just note down even the small reasons that seem trivial to us.
It takes just 5 minutes a day to improve our way of seeing life, let’s focus on the positive aspects of our lives.
My journal is also available on CreativeMarket, I also remind you that you can find many gift ideas in my facebook community.

The .Zip file includes:

  • 1 PDF file (Journal, green color), 100 pages (95 to take notes)
  • The rules of use
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